Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Nissa R06A Engine

The engine code of R06A, which I think should be a Nissan engine code for their Nissan Kei car model, is one of the mystery engine for me who stay in Malaysia.

Using in Nissan NV100 Clipper Rio model, the R06A engine code can be also found in some of the Suzuki model like Alto, Every Wagon, Spacia, Lapin and Hustler.

But in the latest issue of Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook, interestingly to found some Mazda and Mitsubishi small car model also using R06A engine.

Mazda having model like Scrum Wagon, Flair Wagon, Flair Crossover and Carol, as for Mitsubishi having their Town Box model with this engine. And there are a number of mini truck model using this engine as well.

Will I meet this engine in Malaysia market someday?

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