Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Nissan VQ25 NEO Di Rocker Cover Gasket

Recently there are some Nissan Cefiro owner change a VQ25 engine which they call NEO Di, actually not sure this VQ25 should be in the VQ25DE variant or VQ25DD variant, they car owner with this engine normally will encounter a difficulty to source one side of the rocker cover gasket in this V6 engine, as another side of rocker cover gasket is just same as other VQ25DE engine which found in Teana.

If you would say it is a VQ25DD engine which use in Steagea, the rocker cover gasket actually can't match for the Stegea model with this NEO Di model, but under the VQ30DD in Skyline V35 model, you may possible found one of their model is in such design.

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