Thursday, December 22, 2016

Toyota 7M Cylinder Head Gasket

Toyota 7M Cylinder Head Gasket 11115-42020

Recently received inquiry for a Toyota 7M engine cylinder head gasket, this model is consider old and unpopular in Malaysia market, it is one of our stop ordering list for old model gasket, as we ourselves already don't have any stock for this item, it will need to source from any left over in the market, normally when it come to this point, the price for this kind of gasket will be costly.

According to catalog, 7M-GTEU engine is use in Toyota Soarer M22 3.0 from 1986~ and 7M-GE for Toyota Crown MS135 and MS137 from 1987~.

Photo is uploaded from and this is use on Toyota Supra Mark III.
Toyota 7M Engine Block

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