Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Perodua Axia Engine Gasket

Perodua Axia in Malaysia market is using the engine of 1KR-DE which is similar to the one in Toyota Agya in Indonesia market, and the 1KR-DE engine is believe are develop and built in Indonesia, whereby the initial 1KR family which is 1KR-FE is develop in Japan.

There are differences in 1KR-FE and 1KR-DE engine gasket, since 1KR-DE engine is born in Indonesia, it is believe that their OEM parts also made in Indonesia.

And Malaysia market is about the launch the new Perodua Bezza on 21st July 2016, which come in with 1.0 and 1.3 variant of engine, the 1.0 engine as stated in the brochure as a 1KR-VE engine, will this 1KR-VE engine gasket have some surprise differences when compare to 1KR-DE and 1KR-FE engine?

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