Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Perodua Axia aka Toyota Agya aka Toyota Wigo aka Daihatsu Ayla

In previous posting on the Perodua Axia engine 1KR-DE, we try to figure it out the gasket will be the same on the 1KR-FE or not, after a google search for the 1KR-DE part, we found out that this engine is also using in Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla in Indonesia market, and the Toyota Wigo in The Philippine market.

Of course 1KR-DE engine basically is develop base on the 1KR-FE, and the gasket also looks similar but actually is a totally different parts.

It is also known that 1KR-FE engine is Japan made but 1KR-DE engine is made in Daihatsu Indonesia, which it is not use in Japan domestic market, the genuine parts for 1KR-DE engine also is made in Daihatsu or Toyota Indonesia.

As for the Malaysia market, K-Car with turbo bolt on engine is consider popular among the car modification group, will there be a 1KR-DET engine in the future?

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