Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mitsubishi 4B11-T Engine Gasket for EVO X

Mitsubishi EVO X using the 4B11-T engine, which is totally real evolution from their previous version of using the 4G63 engine. 4B11 engine is quite commonly use on the new Mitsubishi Lancer, basically in the same family of engine, but some of the engine gasket may be have minor differences to satisfy the turbo added performance on 4B11-T.

Compare from 4B11 and 4B11-T, the thickness of cylinder head gasket for 4B11-T is thicker. and the build in turbo charger, will need few more pieces of turbo intake and outlet gasket, which is not found in 4B11, and the enhance flywheel oil seal with the metal housing specially for 4B11-T engine.

Oh, this is the piston for 4B11-T, we don't have this, it is just because the photo is so nicely taken, and I can't help to share it out.


Levisrabak Rabak said...

How to buy it? Buy post or cod...do u sell anyparts of evo x like as timing chain..sst outer and internal Filter so on....Tq

Goh san said...

We accept PayPal method for oversea customer (outside Malaysia) and COD for local customer.

We only have the engine gasket parts for EVO X.