Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daihatsu EF-RL Turbo Cylinder Head Gasket

One of the Kancil turbo engine swap if L7 turbo. Initially I quite reluctant to import this Daihatsu EF-RL cylinder head gasket, what is the reason? Firstly the original cost of this piece of cylinder head gasket is very high, and for those familiar with this engine, you may notice the design of this cylinder head gasket is similar to those Perodua Kelisa and Kenari.

The difference between this 2 is the original EF-RL material is graphite and the Kelisa and Kenari using metal type of gasket. One more thing is gasket bore diameter on EF-RL is 70mm while Kelisa and Kenari gasket bore diameter is 74mm.

Due to the high cost of the OEM type of EF-RL cylinder head gasket, many tend to use the metal type of head gasket as replacement.

So what made the price for this piece of cylinder head gasket is more expensive even compare to the metal type, I think the special rubber O-ring that show on above photo, which will give a very special seal effect is one of the main reason, this type of O-ring seal design is also can be seen on the Mitsubishi 4G92 cylinder head gasket.

And to copy this O-ring is never an easy job for other manufacturer, they might just skip this O-ring design or their seal effect is never function as well as this beuty OEM piece.


Peter said...

May I know how much does this gasket cost? maybe in future I might need this as I am on the way to L610S EF-RL engine conversion. Thank you....

Goh san said...

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your inquiry.

For any pricing inquiry, kindly sent the inquiry to our email kaycgoh@gmail.com or sent the message in our Facebook page.