Friday, September 16, 2011

What can you expect on Kancil Turbo rocker cover gasket

Since nowaday more and more Kancil turbo owner is getting various halfcut on many sources, sometime it is quite confusing for some owner when sourcing for their parts, let see what you can expect on the various rocker cover gasket when you have modified a Kancil turbo engine.

In this introduction, I'm exclude the normal Kancil rocker cover which is interchangeable with L2 turbo, and also Kelisa, Myvi and Viva rocker cover which is normal local model.

The photo above show the most popular Kancil turbo after the L2, which is call L5 turbo among the group, which engine code is JB-JL and JB-EL, in Japan it found in Daihatsu Mira and Opti.

The above photo show the rocker cover gasket which they like to call it L7 turbo, some call it L5 3 cylinders which I'm not really agree on this naming. The design is more like those rocker cover gasket in Kelisa and Kenari, but it is not interchangeable.

The main engine code for this rocker cover is EF-GL, EF-RL, EF-ZL and EF-ZS, which in Japan can be found on Mira, Opti, Move, Hijet and Atrai.

The above photo show Kancil L9 turbo rocker cover gasket, which it is similar with the Kancil L5 type but without the curve on oe of the side of this gasket.

The JB-DET engine can be found on Daihatsu Copen, Move and Max.

The above rocker cover gasket is rarely found in our market, it is 3 cylinder type of engine and actually I'm not really know that I should call it L --> number what??? And I'm suspecting this engine may not come with those Turbo as well.

The EF-SE engine can be found on Daiahtsu Mira, Opti, Move, Hijet and Atrai.

This rocker cover gasket can be consider is in the same family with those L5 and L9, the engine code of JB-DET and JC-DET rocker cover have a very similar design, if you watch carefully, the rocker cover gasket don't have the "screw hole" like those on the L5 and L9 rocker cover gasket.

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