Monday, December 6, 2010

KLIMS10 Photo Sharing (Part 5)

Honda "Insight" hybrid engine has an eco-freindly heart. The Insight hybrid uses two distinct power sources- an electric motor and i-VTEC engine. The hybrid system enables the Insight Hybrid to achieve better fuel efficiency and enhanced performance.
IMA which stand for 'Intergrated Motor Assist', with 1.3L i-VTEC + IMA which will produce maximum power of 65kW [88PS] + 10kW [14ps] and maximum torque of 121Nm [12.3kg-m] + 78Nm [8.0kg-m]
While the 1.3Li-VTEC engine serves as the main power source, the IMA system provides the additional power as and when it is needed. The acceleration performance is comparable to what one might expect from a 1.6L engines.

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