Monday, November 24, 2008

KP Gasket for motorcycle

KP Gasket may be well known on their Japanese Vehicle engine gasket parts, mainly on the passenger car and some light commercial vehicle.

But there are famous in the Motorcycle engine gasket as well, they are selling the gasket all around the world include the North America and Europe country.

Due to the pricing, it is not so popular in ASEAN region as the market is flooded with the China made parts, we think consumer should be educate to use a more reliable parts than those is cheap in pricing. Although maintenance for motorcycle looks quite cheap with all the China made parts, but the frequent break down of your machine may cause more wasting on your valuable time which it may be priceless when we face with some special ocasion.


Robsta said...


I am looking for a complete gasket set(25 pieces?) for my 79' Kawasaki KZ650, can you give me a price including shipping to Norway?



KP Gasket said...

As I'm dealing mostly in Japanese passenger car gasket, I don't have the ex-stock for your request, anyway, I will find it out with my supplier if the gasket you looking for is available to ship to you or not.