Monday, June 14, 2021

Toyota HDJ101 Intake Manifold Washer/Bush

When perform Toyota Landcruiser HZJ80, HDJ81 and HDJ101 intake manifold gasket replacement, one may found that they have the special washer or bush need to be replace also, which is similar to some rocker cover gasket replacement, the photo above taken from a discussion Forum, which showing the HZJ80 and HDJ101 12 valve,  which using 12 washers for each engine, for the HDJ81 and HDJ101 24 valve,  the intake manifold gasket is using 2 pieces separated with 6 holes in each pieces, which the washer is using 8 pieces for each engine, as shown in the photo below.


Sunday, June 13, 2021

Chery QQ 1.1 SQR472 Gasket Kit

Today this post is to share a very interesting China made engine SQR472 which is made for Chery QQ 1.1 model, take a closer look at the head gasket, you may find it seems familiar but it should be a 3 cylinder head gasket.

Yes, it is looks a like of what the Daihatsu EJ-DE engine which is use in Perodua Kenari Kelisa in Malaysia market, but EJ-DE is 3 cylinder but Chery had modified a bit by adding an extra cylinder for this engine.

You will find that the oil pump and waterpump gasket is similar to the EJ-DE gasket, even for the rocker cover gasket, it is similar design with longer dimension to suit for the 4 cylinder head length.

Actually Chery have another model call SQR372 with 3 cylinder engine which should be same or similar to the EJ-DE type of engine, the number in engine SQR472, which 4 may stand for 4 cylinder and 72 stand for engine piston bore diameter, same explanation may applied for SQR372.

As the SQR472 is the China develop engine, their OEM engine parts should be all made in China with no other country will manufacture it, unless the common interchangeable items with the EJ-DE engine. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Toyota GR Yaris G16E-GTS Engine

The Toyota GR Yaris had been launched in Malaysia on December 2020, the introduction for this vehicle can be found in the Paultan website here.

What making it interesting is the engine they use, firstly, the engine code is G16E-GTS, which is rather special for Toyota when their traditional engine code is start with numeric, and it is a 3 cylinders turbocharged engine, the Wikipedia introduce the engine with the link here

And with the rather new engine, it is quite impossible to find the gasket info for now, but in the website we can get some idea on how the gasket looks like with some of the diagram they share in their website here.


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Ford Ranger 2.0 EcoBlue Diesel Engine Gasket Kit

In this post, just to share another gasket parts that is not develop in Japan, Malaysia have the new Ford Ranger 2.0 BiTurbo which it is also call an EcoBlue Diesel engine, same as the previous Ford Ranger T6 and T7 2.2 and 3.2 model, it is the Ford engine that didn't involve Mazda like the earlier WL and WE engine model, we actually can't get any info from Japan gasket manufacturer. 

From the Google search, beside the Ford original part, we found that Victor Reinz gasket also have this gasket info.

This post we sharing the photo of head gasket, the flywheel oil seal with the metal housing, their rocker cover gasket and a photo of the engine overhaul kit with the piston and timing belt kit in it.

The previous T6 and T7 model which we found the Ford original parts label is printing "Made in USA" on it, we found this EcoBlue Diesel model, the Ford original parts label for the cylinder head gasket is printing "Made in Germany", is it that Victor Reinz is the original gasket manufacturer for this model since Victor Reinz is Germany brand gasket manufacturer.


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Isuzu D-Max V Cross 4JJ1 Head Gasket

When come to the Isuzu D-Max 3.0 with 4JJ1 engine cylinder head gasket, initially thought it will be straight forward with the head gasket like the left side of the above photo, until when a customer take out the head gasket from Isuzu D-Max V Cross also with the 4JJ1 engine code, it appear the head gasket had 2 holes extra as like show in the orange circle at the gasket in above photo.

Wonder other gasket parts for the overhaul set gasket kit in both engine is interchangeable or not.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Nissan GTR R35 Exhaust Manifold Gasket


Still unable to get the complete gasket kit for Nissan GTR R35 VR38DETT engine, after having the cylinder head gasket and rocker cover gasket in stock, newly joint in the list is the exhaust manifold gasket, when we ordering the exhaust manifold gasket, we also try to get the intake manifold gasket, but it is unavailable to order at that time, hopefully we can get the intake manifold gasket in coming next order. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Suzuki R06A Cylinder Head Gasket

I'm still not sure if the Suzuki Alto with R06A engine is available in Malaysia market, but the R06A engine caught my eye when I found that quite a lot of Suzuki K-Car list is currently using this engine, even it can be found in some Nissan model.

So when I try to look for the gasket info, and found that there are at least 2 types of cylinder head gasket for this R06A engine (May be there are more as that is the info I get on the time of writing), so it make me caught in a position that which piece should I order in stock.

The above photo with OEM Part Number 11141-50MA1 is found on Suzuki Alto HA36S while the photo below with OEM Part Number 11141-50M02 is found in Suzuki MR Wagon MF33S, this engine may already use at Maruti Suzuki India for their Maruti Alto model, at the moment should put on hold of ordering this gasket until I can confirm which type is exist in Malaysia market.