Thursday, June 27, 2013

How confident when you purchase Auto Parts online?

Online purchase is getting common in Malaysia, and there are more and more local website to serve this purpose beside like those international recognized eBay or Amazon, and there are one unique website which actually serve as you check online on what you want and you purchase offline physically to the shop.

For this, I think it is quite practical for some item that you may feel in-confident when you purchase online, which you may afraid that the items show on photo is not exactly like the physical item you received.

Although this website actually don't have Automotive Parts category in it, but this is the field that need to be expose to.

Automotive parts may not that complicated if you have the OEM part number on hand, but I believe most of the car owner will don't have the OEM part number reference on hand, so anything that they needed, they just check with given the description of the parts and the car model in the sourcing process.

Sometime due to there are few generation of one car model which have some parts changes or design modification, it is better to have some photo of the parts to help the sourcing, but for items like engine gasket which the physical part hidden inside the engine, some owner may not dare to dismantle the parts out from the engine before they can confirm the gasket is available.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nissan FJ20 Engine Gasket

A glance shot on the Nissan FJ20 engine full set gasket, I don't have one of it, and not thinking to have one as well, actually I almost forgot that Nissan have this engine code until have an inquiry from customer, so sorry that Malaysia have too less of this engine (or may be not existing at all?) until most of us here ignore it present.

Anyway, the old engine developed in the year 1982~ which consist EJ20E and EJ20T, actually is found in Nissan Skyline R30, EGI and Turbo, and also Silvia S110 at that era, even they have a website which with full of information on this kind of model. 

Oh... Calsonic Team IMPUL had won the Super GT round 3 at Sepang International Circuit recently on 16th June 2013, congratulation to Nissan.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nissan Fairlady 240Z Engine Gasket

Found an old model gasket set in store, left one, this Nissan Fairlady 240Z and 260Z full set gasket, suit for Nissan engine code L24 and L26, Nissan Cedric 240K, H230 and HS30 also using the same engine.

Wonder how many car left for this model in Malaysia, on and off there are people looking for the cylinder head gasket or manifold gasket, seldom looking for overhaul set gasket, may be the owner may consider to scrap the car if it really need to do overhauling on the engine.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mitsubishi 4B11-T Engine Gasket for EVO X

Mitsubishi EVO X using the 4B11-T engine, which is totally real evolution from their previous version of using the 4G63 engine. 4B11 engine is quite commonly use on the new Mitsubishi Lancer, basically in the same family of engine, but some of the engine gasket may be have minor differences to satisfy the turbo added performance on 4B11-T.

Compare from 4B11 and 4B11-T, the thickness of cylinder head gasket for 4B11-T is thicker. and the build in turbo charger, will need few more pieces of turbo intake and outlet gasket, which is not found in 4B11, and the enhance flywheel oil seal with the metal housing specially for 4B11-T engine.

Oh, this is the piston for 4B11-T, we don't have this, it is just because the photo is so nicely taken, and I can't help to share it out.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Can you guess which Subaru EJ20 it is?

Just like what I mention earlier, only giving the information of it is Subaru EJ20 is never enough for you to get a correct rocker cover gasket at the first try, yes, you may lucky to have it correct in the first try but the chances of getting wrong items is always higher.

And if this is in EJ204 for Impreza in Japan, it may appear in Forester in other country, seem studying Subaru parts always giving some headache, so a beauty smiling face should be able to release some stress, haha!