Saturday, September 29, 2012

Paris Motor Show 2012

Paris Motor Show 2012 revealed a number of great concept cars, but far from the flights of fancy usually associated with the term, this year's show showcased concepts that are far nearer production.
Here some of the photos from the Paris Motor Show 2012 official website for viewing sharing.

Porsche GT2 RS

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Lexus CT 200h

Lexus LFA

Opel Ampera

Peugeot SR1

Porsche Boxter

Renault Latitude

Toyota FT-CH

Volkswagen Passat

Audi A7 Sportback

Monday, September 24, 2012

Toyota Altezza SXE10 Cylinder Head Gasket

Toyota Altezza SXE10 is install with 3S-GE engine, we already know that Toyota 3S series engine have a very wide range of engine head design, ranging from 3S-FE, 3S-GE, 3S-GTE and so on.

Although it have many range of design, their shape of the engine head and its hed gasket actually similar which once can just tell you that is 3S series of engine when they see the gasket.

Actually some may inter change of using those gasket if they can't find the exact design of the gasket. But I think this Altezza 3S-GE is quite special among those other 3S cylinder head gasket, can you notice that actually it had one extra hole, which I think it can't be ignore.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Minori Japanese Restaurant

This is quite special that I get know of this Minori Restaurant not through others recommendation, it is when I browse through the announcement in Bursa Malaysia website on one of the listing company Focus Point Holding Berhad.
What is so special is Focus Point Holding Berhad main business is on the optical services, like selling spectacle, contact lenses and all kind of optical products and service.

Let's see what is the announcement content which I found,

Minori Opens! Harvesting authentic Japanese dining, wining & socializing experience!
Kuala Lumpur, 19 September – The spotlight converged upon the newly- opened Minori at Mutiara Damansara tonight. After a month-long renovation and a RM2.0 million investment, the new chic Japanese dining haven opened its doors to offer patrons the ultimate Japanese dining experience.

Guests comprising corporate movers and shakers, industry connoisseurs, well-loved celebrities and the media stepped into The Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel -- house to Minori -- to celebrate the auspicious opening, relishing a wholesome, authentic and unpretentious Japanese dining experience.

Minori promises esthetics, practicality and functionality -- giving birth to a more stylish and alluring ambience while retaining the charm and warmth of authentic Japan. Beneath the earthy and chic modern exteriors lies a fine Japanese dining haven with soul and at its most original.

Minori simply means ‘harvest’, intended to mirror the passion, diligence, dedication and time to create the finest Japanese cuisine. Just as a farmer patiently grows a bountiful harvest from a handful of seeds, Minori applies traditional Japanese culinary values to provide a fine Japanese gastronomic experience to guests.

Minori is conceived from market sentiment which favours fine Japanese cuisine. The ever-growing love for quality Japanese cuisine coupled with the steadfast reputation of KL as a food hub amongst the locals and international visitors have propelled the whole F&B industry into Japanese mode. One can expect real, authentic Japanese cuisine at Minori.

"If it’s not perfectly prepared, it’s not leaving the kitchen"
-- a personal philosophy and commitment Executive Chef Hideaki Nakajima holds dearly. The true-blood Japanese food mastro and culinary master with 20 years’ experience who helms Minori believes in preserving the authenticity of every dish to treat guests with a true taste of Japan.
Chef Nakajima’s culinary prowess has been recognized by the prestigious Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards, Malaysia Series for Best Executive Chef and Best Asian Cuisine Chef for 2010 - 2012.

Minori is designed for those who enjoy Japanese food at its best and most authentic. The ambience allows you to take your time to dine whilst advocating a more relaxed social dining experience. A menu boasting more than 200 types of items comprise common Japanese favourites and unique cuisine which aim to please the fussiest of palates. Minori opens for business Mondays to Sundays between 12.00pm – 3.00pm, resuming 6.00pm – 10.30pm.

Minori --
"The soul of traditional Japan served in style" will draw people from all walks of life but share a common route for good wholesome Japanese cuisine.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Mazda L Engine and Ford Duratec Engine

It is quite common for us to link Mazda together with Ford, especially on their engine technologies, a different Mazda and Ford model can be possible sharing the same engine, Mazda new L series engine may have some relation to the Ford Duratec engine.

From Wikipedia,

The Mazda L-series is a mid-sized inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine ranging in displacements from 1.8L to 2.5L. Introduced in 2001, they are the evolution of the cast-iron block F-engine. This engine is designed by Mazda and is also used by Ford as their 1.8L to 2.5L 'Duratec' world engine.

The L-engine uses a chain-driven DOHC, 16-valve valvetrain with an all-aluminum block construction and cast-iron cylinder liners. Also featured are intake cam-phasing VVT, VTCS, VICS, a stainless steel 4:1 exhaust header and a lower main bearing cage for increased block rigidity. Direct-injection is available on the 2.0L LF-VD and the award-winning (DISI) turbocharged L3-VDT engine introduced in 2006 for the Mazdaspeed lineup of vehicles.

As of 2010, Ford is introducing a GDI turbo variant of the Mazda LF engine design as the EcoBoost 2.0L. They have developed their own manifold and engine control systems for use with the direct-injected, turbocharged EcoBoost. Ford plans to use the L-engine, as well as the Z-engine, well into the future for their EcoBoost and Duratec 4-cylinder generations. As of 2011, Mazda will cease to develop the L-engine, to be replaced by the SKYACTIV P-engine. At this time, Ford will be the only manufacturer still using the Mazda L- and Z-engine designs.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Subaru Rocker Cover Gasket

When customer is looking for Subaru EJ20 type of rocker cover gasket, it is not an easy task if the gasket sample is not available. Normally customer will just said that their Subaru EJ20 is the 5th generation, or 8th generation, but this kind of info is never enough to get the correct part in the first place.

To recap, I had put an earlier post that explain on how the EJ20 series engine is define at but on their rocker cover side, they might have inter-changeable type in between the differences EJ20 model, it made the task to pick the correct gasket even tougher.

Further more, we will not just import all kind of rocker cover gasket that available in the catalog, because some model may be not in the Malaysia market.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Honda Integra 1.8 PGM-FI B18B Engine

Let's see, the car name is Honda Integra 1800 PGM-FI DOHC, engine code B18A1, B18B1 and B18C, production year range from 1990 to 1997, you may found the model code as DB1, DB1-100, DB110, DB7, and DC4. actually there are one DC2 model that is not using the same cylinder head from others.

The cylinder head gasket is quite similar with those CRV B20B engine, interestingly, actually we found that there are CRV 1.8 which using this B18B engine is existing on the road of Malaysia, on gasket wise, most parts are inter-changeable with the B20B, almost can be said that only its cylinder head gasket is difference.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mazda I4 Valve Cover Gasket

Mazda I4, with engine code FP and FS, also found in older version of Premacy, Protege, those Capella and Familia model GF8P, BJ22#, GESR and GF22.

Their rocker cover gasket, with 2 difference part number FS01-10-235A and FSD7-10-235 have the similar design, only thing is their diameter on the screw holes have 2 difference size, so if don't check it carefully, mechanic may replace the rocker cover gasket wrongly.

Legoland Malaysia Open on 15th Sept 2012

LEGOLAND®    Malaysia will officially open on the 15th September 2012, and it will become the first LEGOLAND to operate in Asia, it has its appearance in Billund (Denmark), Windsor (England, UK), Gunzburg (LEGOLAND Deutschland, Germany), California and Florida (Both in USA).

As curious to know actually who own the LEGOLAND, I found a short statement in the LEGOLAND Malaysia website as below,

The LEGOLAND® theme parks are a part of Merlin Entertainments Group. Merlin Entertainments Group ranks first in Europe and the second in the world in terms of attractions operators. With 74 attractions, six hotels and two holiday villages worldwide, Merlin Entertainments Group entertains 43 million guests (in 2010) across 17 countries. The group’s holdings include LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE, Dungeon and Earth Explorer, Madame Tussauds, The London Eye, Gardaland, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Heide-Park, Warwick Castle and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.
So how many of us know the Merlin Entertainments Group? Which I found interesting that The London Eye actually is under their holding.


We believe that the Merlin Entertainments Group (Merlin) is the most exciting leisure company in the world. Our market, location based entertainment, or more specifically visitor attractions, is dynamic, fast growing and fun. Within this, Merlin is truly unique both in terms of its breadth of quality ‘branded’ businesses and its unrivalled commercial success.

The Story So Far
  • Formed in 1999 via a buyout of Vardon Attractions from Vardon plc. Now owned by Blackstone, CVC, KIRKBI and Management.
  • 2000-2009 delivered double digit EBITDA growth every year on its core portfolio (excluding impact of strategic acquisitions)- underlining the Group's ability to maximise the potential of every one of its sites.
  • Acquisitions of LEGOLAND Parks (2005), Gardaland (2006) and Tussauds Group (2007), increased scale by over 10 times in three years. Recent acquisitions include Sydney Attraction Group (2011) and Living & Leisure (2012)
  • Merlin Entertainments Group is now the clear market leader in the UK and Europe and second only to Disney worldwide.
  • Today the Group comprises 87 attractions in 19 countries across four continents welcoming 46 million visitors.
  • These are managed through three Operting Groups - Resort Theme Parks, LEGOLAND Parks and Midway Attractions, supported by the Merlin Magic Making Department.
  • A unique portfolio of iconic global brands including LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE, Madame Tussauds, supported by "local" heroes such as The London Eye, Gardaland and Alton Towers.
Our VisionTo become the world wide leader in branded, location based entertainment.

Our Strategy
To create a high growth, international, family entertainment company with strong brands and a portfolio that is naturally hedged against external factors such as weather or localised market conditions.
Our strategy will be delivered through:

Organic growth
Continuing planned and predictable capital expenditure cycles appropriate to each Operating Group will provide the main drivers to growth across our existing estate. This will be complemented by strong price and yield management strategies based on continually improving guest experience.

Rolling out proven chainable brands internationally
We have strong, internationally recognised brands in LEGOLAND Discovery Centres, Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE, Dungeons and the "Eye" which is the brand we are using to build our portfolio of "observation" attractions. We have the development skills internally to identify, secure and build 6 or 7 new Midway Attractions every year.

Destination positioning
We intend to position all our themeparks as short break destinations in order to optimise their market reach and asset utilisation. Hotels and/or holiday villages are a clear market signal in achieving this and we plan to add new developments to our existing estate of six hotels and two holiday village on an ongoing basis. Additionally we will introduce second gate attractions from our Midway portfolio - like the recently opened SEA LIFE centres at LEGOLAND California and Gardaland.

Development of LEGOLAND Parks
We are looking to build on the unique positioning of our LEGOLAND theme parks. LEGOLAND Florida has recently opened in October 2011 and LEGOLAND Malaysia is currently in development and due to open in September 2012.

The visitor attraction market is highly fragmented and we consider ourselves well placed to take advantage of consolidation opportunities that will enhance our strategic aims.

Our number one priority
The delivery of memorable experiences to our millions of visitors underpinned by constantly monitored visitor satisfaction, world class people development strategies, and the very highest customer service and Health & Safety standards.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Estima TCR11 - 2TZ-FE Engine

Toyota Estima TCR11, come with 2TZ-FE 2,438cc DOHC engine, also found in Toyota Previa, it seem there are little info on this engine, even in Wikipedia also have a short sentence to introduce it.

The Toyota TZ engine is a series of water-cooled inline four-cylinder gasoline engines from Toyota Motor Corporation. They feature dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and 4 valves per cylinder. The supercharged 2TZ-FZE features an intercooler.
The TZ supplanted the Toyota Y engine in the Toyota Estima/Previa when it replaced the Toyota Van.
Translated from Japanese Wiki ja:トヨタ・TZエンジン

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Honda K20A2 and K20Z3 Cylinder Head Gasket

The first time I know notice this Honda K2# series of engine is from the Honda Stream RN3 and RN4, which using K20A engine. After that more and more Honda model starting using the same series of engine like the new CRV RD4 and RD5, Accord CL9 on K24A and latest the CIVIC SNA on K20Z3 engine.

From the catalog, you may found some extra numbering at the last digit of the engine code such as K20A2, K20A3, K24A4 and the list go on, so how many design they have on the cylinder head gasket?

The above photo is extract from a K20A forum ( and found this post discuss on cooler divider for k20/k24 motors, below are what the forum member write on his post, 

oke guys i know thiss is all confuzeing i think i figured thiss out so far what i found all motors that came with egr valve uses the cooler divider it also comes on the 06 si as well not just k24a2 motors so what i found when u are mixing heads u got to use the gasket that matches the head so for example if ur useing a k20a2 block and a k20z3 head u got to use the k20z3 head gasket and cooler divider part number 11103-rac-003 and if u use a k20a2 head and head gasket on a k20z3 block u dont need the cooler divider i noticed its the head that causes the flow problems with cylinder one being scored to shit lol so this is rule of thumb if the head has egr it needs cooler divider and matching head gasket to that head if its an k20a2 u use the k20a2 head gasket and no cooler divider hope thiss made things easy for u guys

here is the diffrence in gaskets top is k20a2 and bottem is k20z3

the z3 gasket feeds water to that cylinder first where the hot spot is on cylinder one as u can see the pink spot marking where water enters

here is a pic of cooler divider installed
its the little black piece near the bottem left side of the block in the water jacket of the k20z3

here is the part numbers for cooler divider




Found it interesting but actually still can't fully understand on what he try to explain.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Icon Is Back

Volkswagen.Das Auto.Show is an annual public outreach initiative by Volkswagen Passenger Cars in Malaysia to bring Volkswagen’s exclusive brand experience to dealers, media, consumers and Volkswagen fans with the aim of creating awareness on the philosophy, technology and innovation that go into the German engineered Volkswagen range of vehicles.

The Volkswagen.Das Auto. Show 2012 is currently held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This year’s show saw on display various segments of Volkswagen vehicles, including some new vehicles yet to be seen on Malaysian roads like the Amarok, Touareg Hybrid, Multivan.


Volkswagen Group Malaysia took the chance to launch the new Beetle in the event. This 21st century Beetle makes debut with a marketing slogan of “The Icon Is Back!”. Although, there are two variants of Beetle displayed for the show, namely the 1.2 TSI and 2.0 TSI. However, only the 1.2 TSI is available for sale. The availability of the 2.0 TSI will be based on the local market demand, hence it will be finalised later. Unfortunately, the front headlamp with daylight LED is only available on the 2.0 TSI model.

The entry-level Beetle comes with a 1.2L TSI power plant. This 1.2-litre turbo-charged engine generates 105PS and 175Nm of torque, between 1,550 and 4,100rpm. This car is equipped with a 7-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG).

This enables the car to sprint from zero to 100km/h in 10.9 seconds and goes all the way to its top speed of 180km/h. Despite excellent acceleration performance, this power automobile still returns remarkable fuel consumption, with 5.9 litres/100km on the combined cycle. Carbon emissions are kept to a minimum of just 137g/km CO2.

The car is 1,808mm wide (84mm wider than the model it replaces), 1,486mm tall (12mm lower) and 4,278mm long (152mm longer). In parallel, the development team has increased the car’s track widths (front: 1,578mm, 63mm wider; rear: 1,544mm, 49mm wider) and wheelbase (2,537mm; + 22mm).

In comparison with the model it replaces, the New Beetle, the new car is significantly bigger and wider. There is additional headroom and legroom while the boot space is bigger.

The 1.2L TSI version will be equipped with “Design Line” package which consists of 16-inch alloy wheels, and matching body coloured dashboard and mirror housings.

After being introduced at the Volkswagen.Das Auto. Show 2012 on 7 September, the 1.2L TSI is now on sale and is available at all Volkswagen authorised dealerships nationwide and is priced from RM139,888.

The car is available in Candy White, Tornado Red, Saturn Yellow, Reflex Silver, Deep Black, Platinum Grey and Graciosa Brown.


Are you Motor Fan enough?

Are you a truly Motor Fan enough? Seeing all this Motor Fan Illustrated magazine arrange neatly on a book rack in a bookstore, feeling how nice if all this copies can be in my house library.

The official website for Motor Fan Illustrated

Friday, September 7, 2012

Inokom Van with Renault engine

This Renault F3P Engine Cylinder Head Gasket may be is common for use on those Renault Clio 1.8, R19, Laguna 1.8 and Espace, that is when one customer taking the sample, and stated he looking for this gasket which is use on one of the model of Inokom van.

But commonly what we heard is Inokom Permas for it's cormmercial fleet, which is using Renault J7T 2.2 engine, can't really recall is there any other Inokom van model, may be it is call Permas also with the older model than the J7T.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Doraemon 100

Hong Kong is currently hosting the 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon exhibition. Oppsss...why I'm talking about Doraemon here? Anyway, just have break in this busy day, lets see some of the fact of Doraemon.

Doraemon is one of Japan's most popular manga and anime characters and his appeal extends across Asia. He first appeared in 1969 and the robot cat from the future has starred in numerous TV series and movies ever since.

He is such an icon that he was appointed Japan's cultural ambassador for anime in 2008.
Being from the future, Doraemon's date of birth is 3 September 2112, meaning 2012 marks the start of the 100 year countdown to his birthday.

To celebrate the pre-anniversary, this summer from August 14 to September 16, Harbour City in Hong Kong will be hosting the 100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon exhibition.

In order to mark the occasion of Doraemon’s birthday (albeit 100 years early), Harbour City will showcase 100 unique Doraemon figures along with 100 different pieces from his well-known repertoire of secret gadgets, all displayed outside Harbour City’s Ocean Terminal.

Oh.... 100 unique Doraemon figures, if you are unable to travel to Hong Kong in that exhibition period, sure you want to have a look on the figures, here is the video you may watch all the 100 Doraemon figures at once.

You may visit for more photo and video, for those who thinking of visiting Japan, Fujiko Musuem is a nice place to look for a lot more on Doraemon, find it more in

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nissan Almera Malaysia engine - HR15DE

Catching by an advertisement signboard with "Nissan Almera" coming soon, it really suprise me where Malaysia soon to have this model on the road, since initially I have a perception that the name of Almera is for the Europe market.

From wikipedia, The Nissan Almera is a small family car built by Nissan from 1995 to 2006 (From October 2011 in Thailand). The Almera name was essentially the European export-market name for the Nissan Pulsar / Nissan Sentra / Nissan Bluebird Sylphy
And actually it is learn that initially they have 2 choices of name, Almera or Sunny, and finally they choose Almera, but do you feel if they using the Sunny, should it be have a greater impact in Malaysia market, since the old Nissan Sunny 130Y reputation is so high in its old glory day.
From you may find some introduction on this car, and I feel the pricing may create some pressure for Toyota Vios and the Honda City, may be Proton model may feel the threat as well.

Also from the wikipedia info, the older version of Almera is using engine such as GA14DE, GA16DE, CD20, SR20DE, QG15DE, QG16DE, QG18DE, K9K and YD22DTi, and the latest version in Thailand is using the HR12DE engine.
For Malaysia market, the Nissan Almera will be equip with HR15DE engine, by the code name, it should be first in Malaysia, although its HR series engine is already been in Malaysia for few years, the HR16DE engine is first introduce for Malaysia in Nissan Grand Livinia 1.6 and Latio 1.6, and later after the Nissan C22 Vanette is stop production, its replacement of Nissan van NV200 also using this HR16DE engine.