Saturday, July 28, 2012

My first try @ Yuzu Japanese Restaurant


I'm not the one that very fussy with food, but do still have some favorable taste that I'm prefer to, in term of Japanese food, I should say that I love the taste of sashimi with the wasabi and sauce on it, and also the unagi that cover with those delicious sauce.

And in one special occasion my wife suggested me to try the Yuzu Japanese Restaurant at The Gardens Mid Valley City which she found some good recommendation from other blog post.

My target on the menu sure straight to those set which come with sashimi and unagi in it. Oh, it truly meet my expectation and fully satisfy me on their food, of course, it come with it price also.

Their menu have variety of Japanese cuisine, and in some pages, you will see they recommend that this meal is "Compliment Well with" white wine or red wine, but please don't misunderstand it as "With Complimentary" a white wine on that meal.

Since I'm not a food blogger, you may find more information on this restaurant in this link

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